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Do you know why it's important to check the reverse system of your gate opener often? Do you know which new gate to choose and why? By reading the following gate tips, you will have an excellent idea of what to do when it is time to make such important decisions or when issues arise

Pay attention to noises

All gates make some kind of noise. Part of the noise comes from the operator and some noise is the result of the parts' movement. If you notice that the noise is louder than usual or that the gate still makes a lot of noise although it is lubricated, there might be a more serious problem and it should be checked. In such cases, our technicians suggest immediate gate repair.

Gate intercoms are good for you

It's not accidental that gate intercom systems have become very popular among homeowners. Designed primarily for big commercial (and residential) buildings, they make quite a difference to the level of convenience and especially security. Check them out and if you live in a large house, consider getting one. You can have visual and oral communication with visitors and that's great for your security.

Maintain sliding gate tracks in good condition

The tracks are stationary components so they don’t require lubrication. If you grease them, they will become slippery and won’t do their job well. They require regular cleaning, however. Remove dirt and pebbles to free room for the wheels. While doing this, you should also watch out for bent sections. A bent track will require timely repair. Otherwise, it may break.

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