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Are you hesitant about investing in new gates because you know little about them? Do you deal with gate problems quite often? Having some answers to your questions can help! The following answers to common questions asked about gates and their parts will be more than invaluable to you

Are you ready to put hard times related to gates behind you? Scroll down and find some of your questions about gates among the following frequently asked questions. Check out the answers and get some good information about gates. This page will really help you deal with several common issues

Should I get a gate opener remote or keypad?

Both solutions are just fine. It depends on your needs. People usually prefer gate clickers – especially if they have multiple operators which can be programmed in the same remote. There are fabulous choices on the market as our experts say, but if you are thinking to get a gate intercom system perhaps a keypad will be more useful to you. You can connect all these high tech systems and use a personal password (which changes easily) to get in your property.

Which parts need lubrication?

Your gate components need lubrication. Do not neglect the swing gate hinges and the sliding gate rollers. These parts are very important for the proper movement of the gate. It's also good to lubricate all fasteners (screws and bolts), the chain of rolling gates and the swing gate operator's arm. Just make sure you don't overdo it with lubricants. It's also important to clean parts well before you oil them.

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