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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Browse through the testimonials sent by our customers to let us know about their experience with us for their gate service needs. These testimonials would paint a clearer picture of our company and what you can expect when you hire us.

Check out what our customers think of their experience hiring us by reading through the testimonials on this page

Briefed us on gate intercoms

“Both my wife and I love following technology and the latest innovations and so we didn't want to miss out the chance of getting a gate intercom system. After all, there's quite a distance between our house and the gate and something like that could really help us out. Since we knew little of phone entry systems, we asked one of the techs at Gate Repair Laguna Hillsabout them. He was an amazing guy who spent quite some time explaining things to us and also advised us on which intercoms would be more suitable for us. Our new intercom was installed a few days later. We are very happy with it, the intercom installation work and the overall customer service.”

Fast sliding gate track repair

“I didn't notice this soft clicking sound the sliding gate was making while moving until I bent down to check the driveway gate track. The gate wouldn't close right lately and I finally decided to call this Laguna Hills gate repair company for assistance. It was a pleasure to watch this technician work! I couldn't believe that he was so punctual to our appointment and checked the parts of the gate with such attention. He had to fix part of the track, which was dented, but he also had to replace a couple of screws. They had popped off and made that clicking sound. Loved the gate service! Loved the repairman! Loved that everything worked fine in the end!”

Fixed the Sliding Gate Wheels

"I had never had a problem with my solid sliding gate before, but all of a sudden, it started shaking. I checked several companies and picked this one because it had excellent reputation online. The technician got here exactly on time as promised. He was quick to identify the cause of the problem, and told me it came from the wheels. He replaced both on the spot, and the gate has been working perfectly ever since. I can definitely recommend Gate Repair Laguna Hills for anyone who has issues with his gate and needs a reliable service provider!"

Swing Gate Repair

For quite some time I didn’t know what was exactly wrong with my swing gate, until I looked online and contacted Gate Repair Laguna Hills. The company's technician arrived at my home on time as we had agreed; he then diagnosed and found a problem with the hinges and their welding. He fixed the problem at a reasonable cost. The gate is flawlessly stable and reliable since then. Thank you for the great service, I highly recommend this gate company. It was a pleasure working with them.


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